RTOS, secure virtualization technology for real-time systems, DO-178B and hypervisor for the most demanding embedded operating system applications...

Virtualization Security Technology: LynxSecure Embedded Hypervisor and Separation KernelOperating-system virtualization and embedded virtual machines for real-time systems

For maximum virtualization security, nothing beats LynxSecure. Years after its first release, LynxSecure is still unrivaled. With support for 64-bit multicore (SMP) guest operating systems on Intel®-based hardware, only LynxSecure provides the extraordinary combination of:

  1. A SKPP separation kernel for high security, plus
  2. State-of-the-art virtualization technology via an embedded hypervisor
Secure virtualization
64-bit hypervisorCan address greater than 4 Gigabytes
Supports 64-bit guest operating systemsMost current Intel hardware is 64-bit, becoming the norm for hardware and Windows®/Linux® operating systems
Multi-core hypervisor Difficult to procure single-core blades, limited capabilities
Supports fully virtualized multi-core guest operating systems (ie SMP Linux, SMP Windows) Most large applications require multi-core guest operating systems
Intel-specific hardware support
Native hardware hypervisor virtualization with VT-x capability (does not require QEMU or other software virtualization package) QEMU and layered software virtualization implementations can be up to 50% slower
I/O MMU VT-dAllows direct assignment of hardware device to guest operating systems for maximum performance, allows binary graphics device driver reuse. A must for 3D graphics. VT-d guarantees secure separation of directly assigned devices.
Extended Page Table support Extreme performance benefits for full virtualization, within a few percentage points of native execution. Hypervisors without EPT impose significantly higher overhead
Block device emulationEnables multiple guest OSes to securely share a single block device. The block device marshalling is accommodated via an external trusted subject.
Virtual KVM/device sharingEnables multiple guest OSes to securely share single keyboard/video/mouse. The virtual device marshalling is accommodated via an external trusted subject.
Page attribute tableImportant for full virtualization performance
Advanced vector extensionsBetter support for floating-point intensive operations
Specific Guest Operating System support
Important for legacy applications32-bit uni-processor Linux, 32-bit uni-processor Windows XP/7, 32-bit SMP Linux, 32-bit SMP Windows XP/7
Today's applications64-bit Linux, 64-bit SMP Linux, 64-bit Windows XP/7, 64-bit SMP Windows XP/7
Secure applicationsSolaris 10 with trusted extensions
Safety-critical avionics systemsIntel-based DO-178B certified kernel as guest operating system
Secure guest operating system supportTime- and space-partitioned POSIX® and ARINC 653 LynxOS-SE operating system
System Security
SABI certification pending on Intel multi-core separation kernel with built in hypervisor LynxSecure Intel-based real-time multicore hypervisor is headed for SABI certification process for the Navy CDS program on 8-core hardware with SMP Linux guests. LynxSecure will undergo a follow-up TSABI certification also under the same program.
Secure client virtualization for laptops, medical and dataMilitary-grade virtualization security technology for high-assurance systems
A LynuxWorks embedded OS is featured in this LynxSecure embedded system application:
Who else uses a LynuxWorks embedded operating system?
LynxSecure secure virtualization technology features
  • Optimal security and safety—the only operating system designed to support both CC EAL-7 and DO-178B level A
  • Real time—time-space partitioned separation kernel for superior determinism and performance
  • Hypervisor and virtualization technology— supports multiple heterogeneous, both para-virtualized and fully virtualized, operating system environments on the same physical hardware including Intel® VT
  • Highly scalable—supports Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) and 64-bit addressing for high-end scalability
  • Support for open standards—100% binary compatibility for Linux- or POSIX-based software applications allows them to migrate to a highly robust, secure environment
  • Faster time to market—enables developers to begin early development for secure applications
LynxSecure Separation Kernel and Embedded Hypervisor LynxOS-SE Embedded RTOS Luminosity Eclipse-based IDE
LynxOS Embedded RTOS RTOS: LynxOS-178 for software certification


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