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LynuxWorks™ software is deployed in some of the world's most challenging long-term applications—including critical military/aerospace and demanding telecommunication infrastructure applications.
We have worked through many sophisticated environments where our products are used. Our accumulated expertise is of great value to customers as they move to meet today's shrinking development and deployment schedules.

Call on the experts at LynuxWorks™ for consulting and professional services. Augment your in-house efforts, or get customized outsourced services that free you to focus on your core competencies. Services available worldwide include:

OS porting

We can provide complete and rapid ports of LynxOS® and BlueCat® Linux® to custom CPU boards on any of the currently supported hardware architectures, such as IA-32, PowerPC®, MPC860, MIPS, ARM®, and Hitachi SH.

Device drivers

The LynuxWorks experts can accelerate development of LynxOS and BlueCat Linux device drivers for custom hardware or daughter boards. This includes development of drivers for serial and parallel devices, Ethernet, ATM, STREAMS, Standard SCSI and SCSI RAID adapters, plus providing CD-ROM extensions, ISO9660 support, and DOS file system support.

High availability systems

Let us help maximize the availability of telecommunications and other mission-critical applications. This includes collaborating to design high-availability systems that support hot swap of peripherals, CPU failover and system redundancy.

Complete application design and implementation

Take advantage of our expertise in end-to-end development of embedded applications, from requirements specification through design, implementation and testing.

System design recommendation

We can recommend LynxOS and BlueCat Linux features that will result in the most suitable solution based on system requirements. This includes consulting on the different approaches necessary to ensure that a design is optimized.

Migration paths

Accelerated learning programs
LynuxWorks offers a contingent of training classes, labs and workshops, held throughout the year and available around the world.
View course descriptions and schedules
Classes are conducted at LynuxWorks training facilities in the US and Europe or can be conducted on-site at customer premises.

Draw on our experience for recommendations on migration paths from other operating systems to LynxOS or BlueCat Linux that maximize reusability of existing software. We can identify potential bottlenecks and determine the path for the most efficient development.

Performance improvements

We have worked through many sophisticated environments where our products are used. We can review your software applications and suggest ways of improving performance.

On-site consulting

You can deploy LynuxWorks expert resources to your sites to help debug specific problems with drivers or applications and to work with customer engineers to resolve software problems and consult on design changes.

Software certification support

LynuxWorks™ software is deployed in some of the world's most challenging long-term applications. We can help you cost-effectively create certifiable applications and gain certification for customer solutions. Software certification support and LynxOS-178 are designed to address a wide range of certification standards, starting with DO-178B and extending to other standards required by U.S. and international transportation, food and drug, and defense organizations.

Technical support—tailored across the product life cycle

LynuxWorks' tailored technical support programs cover LynxOS, BlueCat Linux, and LynuxWorks development tools—throughout the embedded life cycle.

Leveraging ISO 9001 certification

LynuxWorks is ISO9001:2008 conformant.

The LynuxWorks™ commitment to quality ensures that customers possess a solid software foundation for their products. Our adherence to ISO 9001:2008-standard practices—which increase quality through accountability and well-defined procedures—reinforces this commitment.

LynuxWorks is one of less than a handful of ISO 9001:2008-registered companies in the embedded software market. By adhering to ISO 9001:2008 practices in our day-to-day operations, we can effectively extend support for these mechanisms into projects we undertake for our customers. This approach adds to the cost-effectiveness of our services and the quality of results.

Finally, the accountability inherent to ISO 9001:2008 policies is invaluable in helping customers meet key certification ratings with LynuxWorks' products.

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