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Migrating from VxWorks to LynxOS VxWorks Compatibility Layer for embedded real-time systems

After porting your code to the LynxOS® RTOS, you will have an application running on a true, multi-user operating system, with memory protection between processes and increased system reliability and usability.

As the embedded real-time marketplace matures, embedded system developers who need deterministic performance and enhanced security are moving away from operating systems with proprietary interfaces like VxWorks®, and towards COTS operating systems like LynxOS that have standards-compliant, POSIX®-conformant interfaces.

Migrating from VxWorks to LynxOS

In response to industry demand, LynuxWorks™ is pleased to offer the VxWorks Compatibility Layer package to help streamline the porting of VxWorks code to LynxOS. Applications originally written for VxWorks' flat-memory model can now reap the benefits that LynxOS offers as a true multi-threaded, POSIX-conformant, real-time operating system.

The LynxOS advantage:

All versions of LynxOS offer complete, integrated Memory Management Unit (MMU) support and implement a virtual memory model for maximum code and data protection.

The importance of maintaining code and data in protected spaces cannot be underestimated. Since software invariably contains bugs, code must be contained to prevent it from crashing the entire system if it inadvertently executes bad instructions or accesses inappropriate memory. Under the flat address model used by VxWorks, multiple tasks can have re-entrancy and naming conflicts because they share the same global name space.

In LynxOS, processes are always independent of each another and do not share an address space. The VxWorks Compatibility Layer maintains separate name spaces under LynxOS by allowing multiple virtual VxWorks environments to run simultaneously when required.

The VxWorks porting kit also provides recommendations for identifying certain types of code that may require special attention and porting by hand due to the intrinsic implementation differences between LynxOS and VxWorks. An exhaustive list of supported VxWorks calls and limitations on their use or is provided.

Please contact us for more information on the VxWorks Compatibility Layer.

A LynuxWorks embedded OS is featured in this embedded system application:
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"I have used LynxOS for four years now and their support is at the top of the list... I have never seen a better bunch of people or a more effective support structure."
- B.J., LynxOS developer employed at JPL, posted on comp.os.lynx newsgroup
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