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From HP-RT to LynxOS Migrating from HP-RT for POSIX conformance and forward compatibility

Migrating from HP-RT to LynxOS

Many navy and military applications have significant investments in code developed for HP's legacy VME products, such as HP-RT and HP-UX PA-Risc based solutions.

Migrating HP-RT code to the LynxOS® real-time operating system for imporved security and future compatibility is one way to preserve that investment.

Software migration options

HP-RT 3.0.1 is based on LynxOS, so your HP-RT applications can be easily migrated to LynxOS with minimal risk and cost. HP-RT (and its LynxOS base) is a real-time, POSIX®-conformant operating system, so it makes good sense to continue in the tradition of open systems, POSIX, and portability—with LynxOS.

HP-RT Technical Migration Guides
  • Technical Migration Guide
  • POSIX 1003.1b
  • POSIX 1003.1c
Please contact us to request our no-cost HP-RT migration guides.

Operating system migration commonly leads to application recertification. Moving to a compatible operating system like LynxOS means that re-certification will be easier and will cost less.

We have prepared special migration guides to assist you in updating any POSIX code that might be affected by the evolution of previous POSIX drafts into POSIX 1003.1b or POSIX 1003.1c. We're always here to help you get the most out of POSIX, LynxOS and interoperability. To obtain a copy of our guides, please contact your local sales representative.

Hardware migration options

The simplicity of migrating to LynxOS means that your most difficult decision will be the selection of new hardware for your applications. Of course, you will only want to consider hardware architectures which will not be obsolete in 5 years.

The two defining choices in hardware are processor choice and bus choice. A breadth of COTS hardware is available for most selections.

Target CPU architectures:
Host development platforms:
  • Native hosted directly on target (on PowerPC and IA-32 [x86] targets)
  • Solaris™ cross
  • Linux® cross
  • Windows® cross
Bus architecture options:
  • VME
  • CPCI
  • EISA
  • custom
  • other
A LynuxWorks embedded OS is featured in this embedded system application:
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"We proceeded with hardware development, produced a prototype, integrated LynxOS, and worked with LynuxWorks' technical support every step of the way."
- Brad McGuinness, Director of Engineering, VeriFone, Inc.
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