RTOS, secure virtualization technology for real-time systems, DO-178B and hypervisor for the most demanding embedded operating system applications...

LynxOS-178 2.2 RTOS Hardware Drivers in Board-Support Packages

real-time systems (LynxOS-SE RTOS)

RTOS hardware drivers contained in board support packages.

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Ethernet interface
Driver nameBSPsControllers and devices supported
if_em x86 Intel Gigabit Ethernet Driver (development mode only)
  • Intel 82540EM
  • Intel 82540EP
  • Intel 82541EI
  • Intel 82541ER
  • Intel 82541GI
  • Intel 82542
  • Intel 82543GC
  • Intel 82544EI
  • Intel 82544GC
  • Intel 82545EM
  • Intel 82545GM
  • Intel 82546EB
  • Intel 82546GB
  • Intel 82547EI
  • Intel 82547GI
if_emac 440ep IBM 4xx EP integrated ethernet driver (development mode only)
    if_fxp x86 Intel PRO/100 Ethernet Driver (development mode only)
    • Intel 82551QM
    • Intel 82557
    • Intel 82559
    • Intel 825593
    • Intel 82559ER
    • Intel 82562EH
    • Intel 82562ET
    • Intel 82562EZ
    • Intel 82801BA
    • Intel 82801BA
    • Intel 82801CAM
    • Intel 82801DB
    • Intel 82801FBM
    • Intel 82801GB
    if_gt xcal Marvell 64360 integrated ethernet driver (development mode only)
      IDE interface
      Driver nameBSPsControllers and devices supported
      ide x86 ATA and ATAPI driver PIO/BMIDE (development mode only)
        Driver nameBSPsControllers and devices supported
        arinc653 x86, ppc_ode ARINC653 kernel driver
          codetest x86, ppc_ode CodeTEST PCI device driver
            hm x86, ppc_ode Health Monitor driver
              i2c xcal Marvell 64360 integrated i2c bus driver (development mode only)
                kdb x86, ppc_ode Simple Kernel Debugger (SKBD) driver (development mode only)
                  lynxfs x86, ppc_ode lynxfs filesystem driver
                    mem x86, ppc_ode /dev/mem (memory) driver (development mode only)
                      nfs x86, ppc_ode NFS client driver (development mode only)
                        null x86, ppc_ode /dev/null driver
                          nullnux x86, ppc_ode Null non-UNIX domain socket module
                            pty x86, ppc_ode Pseudo-terminal (pty) driver (development mode only)
                              ram_test x86, ppc_ode RAM test driver
                                rd x86, ppc_ode LynxOS ramdisk driver
                                  rs232 x86, ppc_ode Simple serial RS-232 driver
                                  • Standard UART 16550 compatible serial controllers
                                  tty x86, ppc_ode Serial RS-232 driver (development mode only)
                                  • Standard UART 16550 compatible serial controllers
                                  vt100 x86 Video console driver (development mode only)
                                  • Standard VGA compatible video controllers and generic PS/2
                                  wd xcal Watchdog device driver
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