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Webinar and Seminar Archive

LynuxWorks™ periodically presents webinars and seminars on various important topics on real-time operating systems and virtualization security: such as software development, military and aerospace software, safety-critical software and software security.

Webinar recordings or PDF presentation notes are available from many of our past webinars.

  • Webinar: LynxOS 7.0 meets the increasing security requirements for RTOS

    In this June 2013 webinar, we introduce LynxOS 7.0 RTOS, which allows developers to embed military-grade security directly into their devices by utilizing features such as access control lists, audit, quotas, local trusted path, account management, trusted menu manager and OpenPAM.

    View webinar recording

  • Tech infusion Virtualization Webinar Series

    This Spring 2011 series of briefings covers various important features of our state-of-the-art secure virtualization technology. Individual titles in this series include:

    • What is a Separation Kernel?
    • Low-Latency Virtualization
    • Using Intel®'s Virtualization Features
    • What is a Partitioning OS?
    • What is Real-Time Symmetric Multiprocessing?
    • Using Partitioned Operating Systems in a Multicore Environment

    Download archived files (registration required)

  • Webinar: Designing Safety-Critical Applications Using Open Standards

    April, 2011. POSIX® and ARINC-653 can be used for developing safety-critical applications, even those that need to be certified to the highest level, for example DO-178B level A. The LynxOS-178 RTOS conforms to both POSIX and ARINC-653 open standards, and this webinar looks at how they can be used, and the benefits of use, for safety-critical developers.

  • Webinar: LynxSecure 5.0: A new Generation of Secure Virtualization

    February 28, 2011. The only secure hypervisor utilizing hardware-virtualization technology (VT) and supporting multiple cores, LynxSecure is the undisputed performance leader for secure virtualized embedded and desktop systems

  • Software Defined Radios: Solutions for the Next Generation

    February 10, 2011 webinar. How do we deploy SDR technology in smaller and smaller form factors? The combined solution of LynxOS-SE real-time operating system, along with ORBexpress from OIS and the SCARI SCA-SDR Core Framework Software Suite from CRC provides a robust, highly integrated solution. Radio developers can now move their applications to extremely small form factors that have highly constrained SWAP requirements.

  • Webinar: Secure Embedded Virtualization in a COTS Environment

    September 1, 2010. Learn how the latest Intel® vPro™ embedded processors, used with the LynxSecure separation kernel and hypervisor, offer a secure platform for existing applications on multiple operating systems to run simultaneously in their own secure domains, each with deterministic properties. Presented jointly by Intel and LynuxWorks.

  • Airborne Networking Solutions and DO-178B Software Certification

    April 13, 2010. This webinar explored different options for deploying networking in avionics systems, as well as issues with safety and security. LynuxWorks discussed the use of the LynxOS-178 RTOS and the Lynx Certifiable Stack with TCP/IP protocol, while Embvue discussed the use of their AFDX/ARINC 664 solution A-stack. Presented by Don Dingee, Editorial Director, Opensystems Media.

  • "Latest Release of LynuxWorks' Safety-critical DO-178B-certified RTOS."

    March 24, 2010. LynuxWorks was recently granted our second Reusable Software Component (RSC) letter by the FAA for this latest release and corresponding DO-178B artifacts.

  • Operating Systems for Medium- and High-Assurance Systems

    January 28, 2009. In this webinar, Rance DeLong, Staff Scientist and Steve Blackman, Director of Business Development present a brief introduction to MILS and explain the LynuxWorks approach to medium- and high-assurance systems using technologies like separation kernels, hypervisors for virtualization, and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing).

  • E-cast: Secure Operating Systems and Tools for Next-Generation Software Defined Radios

    January 29, 2009. IBM/Telelogic, LynuxWorks, and Objective Interface Systems presented security and information-assurance issues facing SDR designers. The concern in military SDRs has turned to security in operating systems, in application code, and in the tools used to develop these highly complex digital radio systems.

  • Reusable Software Components for DO-178B Certification
    • 2008
      An Overview of DO-178B Verification and Reusable Software Component (RSC) Guidance
      A single zipped .wmv file (93.98 MB) (sign-in required).
    • 2006-7
      Archive files from our series of webinars below are available in this single downloadable .zip file (50.1 MB) (sign-in required):
      1. Reusable Software Components, Sept. 6, 2006, .WMV format (requires Windows Media Player)
      2. Products to meet Safety and Security Requirements, Nov. 13, 2006, .WRF format (requires Webex Player)
      3. Safety-critical Reusable Software Components, June 13, 2007, .PDF format (PowerPoint slides only, no sound recording)
  • Virtualization E-CAST: Operating Systems and I/O

    November 11, 2008. Find out from industry leaders what they are doing to address multicore and security concerns with virtualization and hypervisors at the processor and RTOS levels. Sponsored by FreeScale and LynuxWorks.

  • Upgrading to LynxOS 5.0

    A bundled series of three webinar recordings (226.52 MB) in WMF format, October 2008. (sign-in required)

    • An Overview of LynxOS 5 and Luminosity 3 - The newest releases from LynuxWorks
    • Luminosity 3 - Our New Eclipse Development Environment for LynxOS
    • POSIX Enhancements in LynxOS 5
  • Developing Secure, Real-time Defense Systems in a Distributed Environment

    Presented by LynuxWorks and Jan van Bruaene of RTI, Inc., September 12, 2007.

  • Meeting the Demands of Software Security with the MILS Architecture

    A single downloadable .zip file (1.83 MB) contains the two PDF presentations from the seminar, which was held on August 1, 2007 in Columbia, MD (sign-in required):

    1. Meeting the Demands of Security with the MILS Architecture, Rance Delong, Staff Scientist, LynuxWorks
    2. Intel Virtualization Technology, Peter Carlston, Platform Architect, Intel
  • Introduction to Eclipse

    Presented by Robert Day of LynuxWorks, February 22, 2007.

  • Software-Defined radio (SDR): Optimizing Development and Delivery

    Presented by PrismTech, Telelogic and LynuxWorks, November, 2006.

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