RTOS, secure virtualization technology for real-time systems, DO-178B and hypervisor for the most demanding embedded operating system applications...

Leveraging ISO 9001 Conformance
A commitment to quality

LynuxWorks is ISO9001:2008 conformant.

The LynuxWorks™ commitment to quality ensures that customers possess a solid software foundation for their products. Our adherence to ISO 9001:2008-standard practices—which increase quality through accountability and well-defined procedures—reinforces this commitment.

LynuxWorks is one of less than a handful of ISO 9001:2008-registered companies in the embedded software market. By adhering to ISO 9001:2008 practices in our day-to-day operations, we can effectively extend support for these mechanisms into projects we undertake for our customers. This approach adds to the cost-effectiveness of our services and the quality of results.

Finally, the accountability inherent to ISO 9001:2008 policies is invaluable in helping customers meet key certification ratings with LynuxWorks' products.

A LynuxWorks embedded OS is featured in this embedded system application:
Who else uses a LynuxWorks embedded operating system?
  • Pioneers in real-time UNIX/POSIX®, embedded hypervisor and software virtualization
  • LynxSecure award-winning software separation kernel and hypervisor
  • Military-grade secure platform
  • Evaluatable to highest levels of security
  • Secure and flexible utilization of multicore processors
  • LynxOS RTOS high-performance operating systems and tools based on open standards
  • Safety and security standards are met by certifiable RTOS technology
  • LynxOS-178 RTOS, the first and only COTS operating system to receive acceptance for reusability from the FAA for DO-178B certification
LynxSecure Separation Kernel and Embedded Hypervisor LynxOS-SE Embedded RTOS Luminosity Eclipse-based IDE
LynxOS Embedded RTOS RTOS: LynxOS-178 for software certification


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