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LynuxWorks Management

The LynuxWorks™ management team has extensive combined experience in high technology, real-time software and computing, and management. Also, the team's background offers a balance between experiences at medium and large established companies as well as growth management at entrepreneurial start-ups.

Gurjot Singh, CEO and President

At LynuxWorks, Gurjot Singh is CEO and President. Until 2006, he was Vice President, Engineering. In addition, he is responsible for the LynuxWorks alliances with independent hardware and software vendors. Prior to joining LynuxWorks, Mr. Singh co-founded iN Machines, a company that provided consulting in the area of software development, including real-time operating systems. Before that, Mr. Singh was with Dynatech Computer Systems, where he was Vice President of the business unit responsible for product development, sales and marketing of their image processing product line. He was also Vice President of Manufacturing at Cromemco Inc. and was responsible for the Operations, Product Engineering, Quality Assurance and Customer Services functions for their microcomputer systems. In addition, while at Cromemco he served as Director of Quality Assurance and Product Development Manager.

Dr. Inder Singh, Chairman

Dr. Inder M. Singh is Chairman of LynuxWorks and served as CEO until 2006. He founded Excelan, an early leader in local area networks in 1982 and served as its chairman, CEO and president until 1985. Excelan later merged with Novell. Dr. Singh was a co-founder of Kalpana, which pioneered Ethernet switching technology, and was one of Cisco's early acquisitions. Dr. Singh is a director of PacketStream and PocketPass, and has served on the boards of Mylex, Kalpana, Omnitel, Integrated Media Systems, Univation, Vivix, and Eon Systems. Dr. Singh was formerly Board Chairman and President for the Embedded Linux Consortium. In addition to his experience with high technology start-up companies, Dr. Singh has prior management and technical experience with Zilog, where he headed the Networking and Advanced Systems Development Group. At Zilog, he was the architect of the Z8000 UNIX-based product line. Dr. Singh has also held positions at Amdahl, where he was a Senior Computer Architect, Gartner Research, the Yale Computer Center, and Ontel. He holds Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees in computer science from Yale University, and an MSEE from Polytechnic Institute of New York.

Robert Day, Vice President, Marketing

Robert Day is responsible for all global external and internal marketing functions. He leads LynuxWorks' product marketing and program management teams and drives all its worldwide marketing initiatives, including corporate communications and brand strategy. With over 20 years in the embedded industry, his last position prior to joining LynuxWorks was heading marketing for Mentor Graphics' embedded software division. In this role he successfully built a solid brand around the Nucleus RTOS, bringing new technologies such as UML and Eclipse-based development tools into the product portfolio. Prior to the marketing role, Mr. Day held a variety of management, sales and engineering positions for Microtec Research and Mentor Graphics, spanning over 18 years in total. Based in San José, California, Mr. Day is a graduate of The University of Brighton, England, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.

Arun Subbarao, Vice President, Engineering

Arun Subbarao is Vice President of Engineering at LynuxWorks, responsible for the development of security, virtualization and operating-system products, as well as consulting services. He has 20 years of experience in the software industry working on security, virtualization, operating systems and networking technologies. In this role, he spearheaded the development of the award-winning LynxSecure separation kernel and hypervisor product as well as software innovation in the areas of security, safety and virtualization. Previously, he was Director, Technology and Product Development, responsible for operating system products such as Linux and RTOS. He has also been a panelist and presenter at several industry conferences. Prior to that, he was Director of Consulting Services, responsible for all custom software development and delivery. Arun started his career with Wipro Technologies, one of the largest IT-services companies in India. He holds a BS in Computer Science from India, MS in Computer Science from SUNY Albany and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

A LynuxWorks embedded OS is featured in this embedded system application:
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  • Pioneers in real-time UNIX/POSIX®, embedded hypervisor and software virtualization
  • LynxSecure award-winning software separation kernel and hypervisor
  • Military-grade secure platform
  • Evaluatable to highest levels of security
  • Secure and flexible utilization of multicore processors
  • LynxOS RTOS high-performance operating systems and tools based on open standards
  • Safety and security standards are met by certifiable RTOS technology
  • LynxOS-178 RTOS, the first and only COTS operating system to receive acceptance for reusability from the FAA for DO-178B certification
LynxSecure Separation Kernel and Embedded Hypervisor LynxOS-SE Embedded RTOS Luminosity Eclipse-based IDE
LynxOS Embedded RTOS RTOS: LynxOS-178 for software certification


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