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Emerson Sandpoint IIIFlexible processor development platform

Emerson Sandpoint III
Boards for LynxOS embedded RTOS v. 4.0
Architecture: PowerPC / Power Architecture
Processor group: PowerPC 750 (Freescale and IBM)
Please consult the board-support guide or contact us for specific platform features supported.

Sandpoint is Emerson's flexible processor development platform. Using Sandpoint, you can evaluate current Emerson host processors and integrated processors based on the PowerPC® architecture using MPMC (Emerson Processor PCI Mezzanine Cards). These cards are interchangable and one Sandpoint platform can support numerous processor-specific PPMC cards (but just one at a time).

The Sandpoint III motherboard is an evaluation baseboard which accepts one Emerson Processor PMC (MPMC) or PrPMC card, as well as up to four PCI cards, and supplies typical PC-I/O peripherals. Sandpoint provides a flexible base for the evaluation of new Emerson processor devices, and for early software design for customer project using Emerson processors.

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